Tommy Nilsson - Summer Days - June 27

Borås City, Borås
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This year, Summer Days celebrates 30 years!
For 30 years, drillers and visitors have experienced fantastic summer mornings in the middle of Borås city with many of Sweden's largest artists, all in the form of free entertainment on Stora Torget and in the city park.

We are probably many who do not remember a Borås without the Summer Thursdays® and maybe you have just experienced one or maybe a hundred Summer Days ?! Now it is soon time for even more lovely Thursdays in Borås. Again, the city and the business community offer seven current artists in a program that lasts throughout the summer and it has finally become time to present which are the 2019 year's main artists for the Summer Days®. Of course we start with our premiere artist who is one of the nation's most popular artists, we start the summer with no less than Tommy Nilsson!

However, the premiere evening starts with children's entertainment on the big stage, Sommarchansen with Borås Tidning will be with the wholethe afternoon /evening and of course we have this year both local associations on the big stage and well-known dance bands in Stadsparken. We also take pride in inaugurating this year's Borås Pride and who knows, maybe they have had a finger in the game when we chose the evening's dressing ?!

The content of summer days:
18:00 Release 16 MAY - Children's entertainment - sponsored by AB Bostäder, Stora Torget
19:00 Summer dance with BT, Stora Torget
19:45 Inauguration of Borås Pride, Stora torget
20:00 Released May 2 - Local dressing, Stora Torget
21:00 Tommy Nilsson - main artist, Stora Torget
21:00 Release 18 April - Dance band, City parks

We have created a Spotify List where you can listen to the 2 most popular songs for each artist, itfilled up as each artist has been released, listen to all the artists here

It is the city and the business community that jointly offer Summer Summers® in Borås. The Summer Days® was started in 1989 and has since been arranged by the center company Borås City. Since 2010, the municipal destination company Borås is TME co-financier.
More about the main artists - Summer Thursdays® June 27, 2019

Tommy Nilsson
Tommy Nilsson has since the mid 80's touched the audience with their unique and powerful voice. With songs like "One day", "Your colors were blue", "Open your door" and the duet "Everything that I know", Tommy Nilsson can easily be called one of the country's most popular artists.

In 2016, Tommy Nilsson went on a major concert tour around the country and in the summer of 2018 he shared a scene with among others Kamferdrops, Ida Redig and Charlotte Perrelli at Diggiloturnén. In the winter of 2018, you saw TommyNilsson in the atmospheric Christmas concert "Christmas Night" with Magnus Carlsson, Elisa Lindström and Sofia Källgren. Besides on stage, we have seen Tommy Nilsson in popular music entertainment programs such as "So much better" (2016) and "Star of the Stars" (2018).

In the spring of 2019, it is premiere for the tour "Everything I Know". Tommy Nilsson will visit some of Sweden's most beautiful churches during the tour, and in almost every place he is visited by an angelic church choir attached to each church. The choirs take part in the popular ballads "Open your door", "One day", "Amelia", "Your colors were blue" and "Everything I know".
Tommy has on this tour the best possible musical company in the pianist Sven-Gunnar Peterson!