Bullring 26/10 2019

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The course in Borås

The course is the year's most fun, toughest, wettest and guaranteed dirtiest race.

Choose between 10 kilometers or the news 5 kilometers. Whichever, your strength, endurance and will are put to the test. You get to conquer the steepest slopes, the muddy marshlands and the wetlands. In 2019, Tjurruset in Borås will be on Saturday, October 26th.

The classic distance of the race is 5 or 10km. The race 10 kilometers is a tough race, which takes much longer to complete than a regular race. The course 5 kilometers will go on the same course, and be equally tough - but half as far. Have you never run the Bull Ring or do you think that 10 km seems far too tough? Try the Cheetahs 5 km!

The course in Borås is arranged by IK Ymer.

Do you want to get in touch with the project manager Carina Lindberg, she will be reached at 070-322 70 80 or ik.ymer@telia.com

Price information

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Depending on when you register during the year, the price varies. You win by signing up early. See our prism matrix at https://tjurruset.se/lopp/boras/ for more information on the different levels that apply up to the Tjørhuset in Borås 2019.

Public transportation