Exhibition Silk - Joanne Eddon March 16 - April 27, 2019

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We are proud and pleased to introduce Joanne Eddon, textile artist from Lancashire in northwestern England. Joanne has been painting side scarves for over 30 years and is inspired by her creation of artists such as Hundertwasser, Klimt and Klee.

"I have specialized in an unusual method of monoprinting for hand painting that I experimented with already in college. Each piece of the page is painted individually but, unlike other methods of hand painting, this technique gives me the freedom to achieve the sense of brush strokes. I characterize all my patterns in a controlled but still fashionable way and I hope they retain the joy and spontaneity I feel when I paint them.

I never expected to spend so much time on a kind of fabric and technique but I fell in love with them both! "

Welcome to vernissage Saturday March 16 at 10-14 pm when Joanne is in place and tells more!


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