Club Underground - Frantic Amber and Zephyra

The pump housing, Borås
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Finally, it's time for a harder metal night in the Underground. Many have asked for such a thing and therefore we can with pleasure present Frantic Amber from Stockholm together with Borås own pride Zephyra.

Both bands are shortly album-like and soon on their way to longer separate tours in both Europe and the US. Before that, they both make a stop on the Club Underground at Pumphuset on March 30th.

FRANTIC AMBER: Their music can best be described as melodic death metal with some black, trash, heavy metal, progressive, symphonic elements. The distinctive base together with technologically developed drumming in symbiosis with a fantastic guitar play over hard and beautiful melodies with aggressive and powerful vocals makes Frantic Amber one of Sweden's most exciting and interesting bands in the genre that just Frantic Amber represents.

ZEPHYRA: With the roots of Borås, Zephyra plays melodicmetal with thrashy and industrial elements. Zephyra is fronted by Åsa's distinct voice and wide range of voices. A second, critically acclaimed full-length album, 'As The World Collapses', was released in the fall of 2016. A standalone single; 'The Darkest Black', released in 2017 via Inverse Records. The band has both club, festival gig and European plays in the luggage, and always delivers 200% on the stage. Zephyra's third album has been released in April, and Zephyra is then seen on their 'THE CONQUER TOUR' which will take them around Europe to both Sweden, Norway and England.

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30Mar 20:00 The pump housing

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The Company
Skaraborgsvägen 3c

Phone: +46-33125250

Organizer: Kulturbolaget Bara Gört


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SEK 200 including service charge. Tickets can be purchased at Kulturhuset 033-35 35 35 or at

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