Peter, Bruno & Matilda - (almost) Unplugged

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In the spring of 2018, Peter Johansson, Bruno Mitsogiannis and Matilda Grün made great success with their tour ”Peter, Bruno & Matilda - Unplugged. A show that from the first to the last moment breathed joy, humor and, above all, great musicality. Now they are back! Same concept, new content and an even bigger tour.

Prior to this tour, the trio has created its own Youtube series, where they will publish episodes of exclusive interviews, latest news and tastings for the concerts once a month. Even during the tour you can follow them, both on and off the stage in personal and humorous movie clips and live broadcasts.

The audience can look forward to two acts filled with magical vocal vocals, riveting rock songs and finely tuned ballads mixed with a lot of personality and humor. The trio compares themselves to instruments such as piano, bass, guitar, ukulele, drums and offers together a musical quality that few can match.Peter, Bruno and Matilda all have huge track records with countless main roles in musicals, participation in lots of television programs and careers abroad.

But what makes them unique is the hundreds of concerts that they have created and produced on their own. Champions of Rock, Summer Artists in St: Anna, Christmas Tours and Peter & Bruno have so far attracted an audience of over 300,000 people!

Length: about 2 hours 45 minutes incl.

Pause: 30 minutes

Price information

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SEK 590.

Wheelchair space and other tickets are booked through Kulturhuset's Reception / Ticket Checkout at 033-35 35 35

1 escort is included free of charge on the same ticket.

Please note that Åhaga has no ticket sales on site. All tickets are purchased through

(There is no ticket for table reservations).

Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| Bus line 7 or 9, towards Hedvigsborg, Monday to Friday. Bus stop Daltorps school. Bus line 2, towards Trandared every day. Bus stop Daltorp. Footbridge over the Söderleden to Åhaga.


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The event is well attended and our regular parking spaces will not suffice. Then you will be referred by our parking guards to park on old Hedvigsborgs IP, opposite Cirkle K. The shuttle bus takes you safely back and forth during the fair's opening hours. Of course it is good to park there from the beginning. Address to old Hedvigsborgs IP is Kråkeredsstigen 1. With our bus it takes just a few minutes extra and it is a better option one to spin around and look for parking spaces.


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