Surrounded by idiots - Lecture with Thomas Erikson

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Thomas Eriksons debut book "Surrounded by Idiots" has been sold in over 800,000 copies and translated into 26 different languages. Many, many more have read the book, which in recent years has also received a best-selling sequel. Whether you are new to the subject, or if you are one of those readers, it is quite clear that this is the lecture for you.

Thomas is now continuing his success tour. In 2019 he visits Borås with his lecture, which is based, among other things, on the contents of his books. For those of you who do not know what this means, Thomas retrieves content from psychological studies and is especially focused on the so-called DISA /DISC model, which divides people into four types of behavior of different colors.

Surrounded by Idiots is an innovative and humorous talk, which at the same time carries a learning message. Take this opportunity to learn how to quickly and easily read people in your surroundings and reduce the amount of misunderstandings. Discoverhow you can save time and headaches by better understanding you those you meet in everyday life. While you vigorously expand your self-insight. And last but not least, the amount of idiots around you decreases.

Welcome to a refreshing aha experience.

Enter from 5 pm 17:30.

Price information

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From SEK 520.

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