Borås Grand Prix 2019

Boras Ridhus, Borås
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Thursday to Sunday, 21-24 March 2019, Borås owns the Grand Prix room as always with top rated jumping riders and with classes from 120-150. This year we have four well-filled days of jumping from morning to evening. As usual, the big 150 Grand Prix class is on Sunday and during Saturday we offer a new exciting jumping in the form of ATG Riders Leauge which offers games on the jumps that start at. 13:00

Preliminary time program


8 am: 120 small round. Then 135 times the qualifying round. Then the 145 1 qualifying big round


08.00: 125 2 qualifying little round. Then 135 1 qualifier to ATG Riders Leauge. Then 140 2 qualify the intermediate round. Then 150 2 qualifiers to the big round


about 8.00: jumping 1.30 final small round.

13.00-15.00: Jumping1.40 WR

about 15.30: Jumping 1.45 Krafft Young rider Cup

18.45: Jumping 140 superfinal from today's WR


08.00: 145. Then 135 final Tomorrow's Winner Juniors. Then 150 GP final. Then the 145 final round.

The time program is preliminary and may be changed.

See more detailed event start for exact times and more information.

Contact information

Borås Ridhus
Varbergsvägen 65
Phone: +46-33412040
Fax: +46-33101657

Organizer: Borås Fältridklubb


Price information

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FRIDAY: Category 1: From 60-120 SEK. VIP: SEK 530. VIP TABLE; SEK 2,055.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY: Category 1: From 60-140 SEK. VIP: SEK 635. VIP TABLE: SEK 2,310.

Tickets are available at: and Borås Tourist Center, +46 33 35 70 90. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-14.

Public transportation


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