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The artwork is part of Tore G Wärenstam's collection of contemporary art from Sjuhäradsbygden and is mainly deposited with Borås Art Museum in order to broaden its collection of locally based visual arts with high artistic value. The collection is continuously expanded through new purchases.

In the collection there are seven photographers representing two things in common - they began their course on Borås Newspaper and successfully performed in the world. The seven are Hasse Persson, Lars Tunbjörk, Per-Anders Pettersson, Roger Turesson, Pontus Höök, Jerker Ivarsson and Frida Winter.

Gunnar Bergh - Björn Bergsten - Lena Björn - Olle Brandqvist - Björn Bredström - Hans Göran Broman - Yngve Brothén - Marie Capaldi - Ann-Sofie Claesson - Kerstin Dahl-Norén - Torbjörn Damm - Kerstin Danielsson - Per Erik Erik - Thage Folkesson - Roj Friberg - Hans Gothlin - Eva Hild - Erik Hårdstedt- Pontus Höök - Jarl Ingvarsson - Göran Ivarsson - Jerker Ivarsson - Staffan Johansson - Sven-Erik Johansson - Peder Josefsson - Malena Karlsson - Roland Kempe - Eva Klasson - Sem Larsen - Hans Lannér - Johan Lindberg - Mikael Lindberg - Jolanta Nowaczyk - Hasse Persson - Rune Persson - Per-Anders Pettersson - Marta Runemark - Ingalill Sjöblom - Lars Tunbjörk - Roger Turesson - Jan Töve - Bengt Wahlgren - Frida Winter - Maurits Ylitalo - Ulla Zimmerman - Lars-Åke Åberg

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Ordinary opening hours: 12.00-16.00 (closed Mondays)

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Free entrance.

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