Henrik Fexeus - Unlock your social super force

Borås City Theatre, Borås
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Henrik Fexeus books in psychology and subconscious influences have been sold in over 1 million copies in 26 different languages. Millions of people around the world have taken advantage of these, which led to Henrik being named one of the world's foremost experts in body language and communication. Now he is on tour with a lecture based entirely on his best-selling books.

Learn to become a social super professional on a single night. Henrik reveals how you can easily build trust, get attention, resolve conflicts, and make others do what you want - while at the same time loving you for it.

The secret is to use the ability that is already inherent in you - but as many have forgotten how it works. Most are today worse than ever on social interaction. At the same time, research says that good relationships are a necessary requirement for happiness.

Therefore, in this lecture you will learnto take back and sharpen your social skills, as well as take it to a level by a few. With humor and unexpected demonstrations, Henrik gives you practical tools to develop your ability and create the meaningful life you deserve.

Warmly welcome a whole night dedicated to your social super force.

Location: Borås City Theater

16Jan 18:30 - 21:00 Borås City Theatre

Contact information

P.A. Halls Terrass
504 56 Borås
Phone: +46-33357090

Organizer: Attiko

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Price: from 395kr - 495 kr


|Translated by Google translation|

Location: Borås City Theater