Pernilla Wahlgren - Short, happy and grateful

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Pernilla Wahlgren sums up 40 years on stage and 50 years on earth in a grand sense of humor that will continue in spring 2019.

She has maintained Sweden and Swedes for four decades, with numerous members of the Melody Festival, popular blogs and podcasts, grand musicals, television shows and children's theater, not to mention her five studio albums. Recently, Pernilla, through his own documentary Wahlgren's World, has received nearly half a million people to bench every Thursday to join in new crazy adventures in the Wahlgren family. Now Pernilla sums up his life and career in a humorous show. "Better late than never" - says Pernilla himself. (which is known for always getting late by yourself)

Together with director Rikard Bergqvist and a dream ensemble consisting of Kim Sulocki, Ola Forssmed, Hanna Hedlund & Måns Nathanaelson, Pernilla performs Short, happy and grateful

It will be a humorous showfilled with music, sketches and parodies at an entertaining pace.

Price information

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Tickets at or at Borås Tourist Center.

Wheelchairs can be booked at Borås Tourist Center, tel. 033 - 35 70 90

Please note that Åhaga has no ticket sales on site.


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