Old-fashioned Christmas market in Ramnaparken

Borås Museum, Borås
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Old-fashioned Christmas Market at Borås Museum offers experiences for all the senses!

In Fällhult, you will experience how Christmas could be a family of seven years ago. In the kitchen is the plot and receives the children's wish lists. On the market you will find guaranteed appreciated Christmas presents, the boutiques are goodies, fine crafts and locally sourced food from Sjuhäradsbygden. Old-fashioned Christmas Market is a visit to Borås & Sjuhäradsbygdens Lucia, which sings in the beautiful Ramnakyrkan. We dance around the spruce and can then have a break in cozy Café Gästis with coffee and bun. As a visitor, you can vote for "Best table" and a jury designates "Best Crafts".
This is a day for the whole family with Christmas pizzas, fish ponds, charcoal buns, sausage and fries and much more.

We who work with the Christmas market welcome you!

Opening hours

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Kl. 11:00 to 16:00.

Price information

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Free entrance.

Public transportation


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Free entrance