Your damn fegis

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YOUR FAVORITE FEGIS! We all seem to be experts not to dare say or question. We all want a comfortable life and take the easiest way there. We lend money to a successful facade, just like everyone else, and dump around in our SUVs. Just like everyone else. What would people think if I actually made my own choice?

"Their scrutiny, audience contact, ability to excite the comic detail is highly professional. The accusatory title, of course, is at the forefront of us ordinary and half-fellow citizens who do not dare to put their feet down or say so when it comes to.

Ling /Östling exemplifies crying comedy from everyday life to our loud applause and succeeds in communicating that we are laughing at ourselves ... here, at least, this will not be eliminated. Persuasive and with great comedy, human aggression is raised. It may apply to usbetween a common sense and appreciation, a conformism blown by the media, or racism that hides a bit of whereabouts.

The evening entertainment teaches us two things. One thing is that genuine humor is very serious, the second that humor is the best of its kind in host language. "/Borås Tidning

Johan and Björn have participated in a series of Swedish films such as Smala Sussie, the Wedding photographer and Mama's boys. Now also in the success series Ack Värmland on TV4.

Release time: Kl. 18:30
Length of play: 1:50

Wheelchair ticket can be booked via Ticketmaster Contact Center at: 077-170 70 70 or any Ticketmaster ticket agent. Companions are included free of charge on the wheelchair ticket.

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Opening hours

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Ordinary opening hours at Borås Tourist Center: Monday - Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-14. Deviations may occur on holidays.

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Price: 425 kr incl service charge

You can buy cars on or directly at Borås Tourist Center, 033-35 70 90.