David Bowie interpreted by Thomas di Leva

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Thomas Di Leva now takes his critically acclaimed David Bowie tribute "Changes" into the country. A fascinating concert in time and space where the audience gets to enjoy Bowie's greatest hits, interpreted and arranged by Di Leva.

During the spring, Di Leva took Hamburger Börs in Stockholm and took the audience on an exciting show trip through time and space as well as dream and reality through David Bowie's musical works. Space Oddity, Heroes, Ziggy Stardust, Let's Dance, Under Pressure, Fame, Life On Mars, Rebel Rebel and Changes were some of the classical songs that were carefully reversed to Di Leva format.

"Di Leva offers a splendid Bowie cavalry," wrote Svenska Dagbladet and Dagens Nyheter, praised the performance and wrote that Di Leva was "eerie voice-like" and "recreates David Bowie's sound as close as possible".

Now the show is being refurbished into a sparkling concert tour and expires in spring 2019. The show's title "Changes" is basedin the ambition that the audience will get to know the history of history in both David Bowie's career and life act, while reflecting the different choices of time and the great changes we face today.

- Bowie's pop cultural act can not be emphasized enough - his unique creativity has not only influenced me but the music, culture, art and thoughts of several generations. My intention is to invite the audience to a musical party with both fascinating surface and mysterious depth. Me and the audience will come another step closer to David Bowie's heart and vision, says Thomas Di Leva.

Opening hours

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Borås Tourist Center: regular opening hours, Monday - Friday 10-18 and Saturday 10-14.

Price information

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SEK 495, tickets at tickster.com or at Borås Tourist Center, 033-35 70 90.

Please note that Åhaga has no ticket sales on site. All tickets are purchased via tickster.com

Attendant goes free. Age limit 13 years.

Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| Bus line 7 or 9, towards Hedvigsborg, Monday to Friday. Bus stop Daltorp's school. Bus line 2, towards Trandared all days. Bus stop Daltorp. Walking bridge over Söderleden to Åhaga.


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Input from 18.30.

75 minute concert without break.