Arturé on stage

Sagateatern, Borås
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We let go of the siblings Arturén on stage! Marie, Lotta and Ulrik are regularly seen on different scenes, but there is also a fourth worshiping sibling, Greger!

In this performance we follow the musical family Arturén in 2 acts. Moodful Christmas music mixed with regular music.

Greger: Has played a guitar and sung since the age of 15 and perhaps mostly for his own well-being. After finishing school, instead of working in the textile industry in all sorts of forms, traveling around the world, some turns, but always with the music in the head, on the radio or on the disc.

In 2011, Marie asked for the first time "whether" he wanted to co-operate with his sisters and with repatriation, Greger played with Marie, Lotta, Ulrik for the first time in almost 30 years. Greger has also been singing a lot for a few years and his music taste could be summarized with "good music, good rhythms".

Marie:Started his art career in 1990 in the dance band Drifters, which had great success over five years.

Svensktoppen, TV recordings, radio, recordings, etc. Since 1996, Marie has worked as a freelance with her voice; sings and works as conferences beside their own business with cafe, shop and events that started in 2011.

Make two own productions of musical performances, "Marie goes Piaf" (since 2009) and "Sun, wind & water" (since 2013). These are played in her cafe but also around in different places in Sweden.

Lotta: Lotta has been playing with Ulrik in the band Fanside, which during the 80-90's tour around Sweden and as a companion of several well-known Swedish artists. She has been the choir singer to Jill for many years and has been doing tours, TV recordings and recordings, p. a. in Nashville. She has participated in some of the US tour with the band ABBA the Visitors. In 1996, Lotta - Arturén startedOn stage.

Ulrik: After a number of years in the protected workspace behind the drums (where there are competing volumes of artists) Ulrik stepped into the spotlight to enter the theater scene. Over the years there have been children's theater, operetta, musicals and revues. At Skövde city theater he has played Copacabana, the wizard of Oz and Annie. And in Borås, among others, White Horse, Oliver, My Fair Lady and Sugar-I Hottest Team.

The next project is Kalsongteatern Nyårsrevy. Happy New Year! Performances by Isak Jansson, Ola Aurell

05Dec 20:00 - 22:00 Sagateatern
06Dec 20:00 - 22:00 Sagateatern

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