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"A band should have its own sound. It should have a personality." (Glenn Miller)

Still 75 years after Glenn Miller's death, his music is playing the world over!

Glenn Miller Orchestra is the world's most popular and most sought after band for both concerts and swing dance engagements. With its unique sound, Glenn Miller Orchestra is considered to be one of the most successful bands of the times.

Join for a two and a half hours (including break) musical experience, featuring both hits and several lesser-known numbers from the extensive and unique repertoire that holds more than 1,500 music events.

In addition to anecdotes from Glenn Miller's life, the orchestra leader Jan Slottenäs and the orchestra will explain and describe the so-called Miller sound, the design of the music, the sound's origin, structure and significance, as well as explain its success.

Glenn Miller was in a plane accident across the English Channelon December 15, 1944. He then, as the United States most popular big band leader and music icon, just over two years earlier laid down his civil orchestra in order to instead offer a moral maintenance to the soldiers by volunteering in the army by playing their music directly for them . To this end, Miller built a new orchestra - The Army Air Force Orchestra. The orchestra continued to tour the continent until the Second World War ended and became thoroughly honored when returning to the United States.

At this special concert it will be inevitable that a number of songs will be added from the military orchestra repertoire.

Glenn's tragic passing did not mean that the music died. Perhaps, instead, new fuel was given, which resulted in a long film and the formation of a new Glenn Mill orchestra - first led by the civil tenor Tex Texekeeper. Then under the guidance of the armband's drummerRay McKinley and then by several different musical leaders.

In total, there are 4 orchestras in the world with the right to play under Glenn Miller's name, which, without financial contributions, together with 600 appearances per year. The phenomenon would be unique in its kind and evidence of the quality, significance and persistence of music.

Glenn Miller Orchestra Scandinavia, founded in 2010, is licensed by Glenn Miller Productions, Inc., New York, USA, and regularly hosts Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The orchestra, led by the trombonist Jan Slottenäs, originates from Stockholm and includes several younger musicians from Sweden's jazz elite.

Opening hours

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Ordinary opening hours at Borås Tourist Center: Monday - Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-14. Deviations may occur on holidays.


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You can buy cars on or directly at Borås Tourist Center, 033-35 70 90.

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