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THE DAHMERS ... !! (Kristianstad) A mutation of punk's primitive energy, lightning rock guitars and the 60's pop. With melodies that suck like a blood-brain on the brain and texts taken from Dario Argento's movies, The Dahmers is a Frankenstein monster of rock music.

KOSMIK BOOGIE TRIBE (KBT) ... !! (Oslo) Kosmik Boogie Tribe released his third album in April 2018. This time on Physical Format's underlabel Rural Rebel Rock. The record (We're Not Here To Fuck Spiders) has received brilliant criticism in both Norway and Europe and musically it is an extension of the first two discs. We are playing guitar-based rock music of the hardest kind. The band itself says they do not give up before they have done a tour in Australia, or in other words they will never give up. Musically, the band can easily be described as half Norwegian and half Australian. The Saints meet Cosmic Psychos and Victims and of course AC /DC andRose Tattoo.

BIGG KIZZ ... !! (Göteborg) Big Kizz is not like other bands. They are much more and much better. Even though they play rock, which is quite common to tape. Pontus Westman has a melody feeling hard and a voice that is both raspy and smooth as velvet. A bit like a good drink. It flows to and lows at the same time. Axel Sjöberg is sure to lore drums after having been touring with his former band Graveyard for ten years. He is good at keeping the box as well and explaining why their music is important. Or untrue. Johannes Cronquist has swung. When he bases bass, it looks like the fingers glow. Or they get blurred because it's going fast.

Location: Pumphuset

29Sep 20:00

Contact information

Borås Tourist Center/Borås TME
Viskastrandsgatan 1

Phone: +46-33357090

Organizer: Kulturbolaget Bara G

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Price: 200 kr incl service charge