Christmas Concert Angel Light - Johan Kluge, Sonja Alldén & Py Bäckman

Gustav Adolf Church, Borås
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The Christmas Concert Angel Light is an experience. It's a real Christmas atmosphere. This year, Änglaljus celebrates 25 years!

You walk toward the church and meet with fluttering marchalls, beautifully lit up to mood in the wintertime.

You will meet in the entrance of children who offer gingerbread cookies. The church has now become a beautiful, Christmas-decorated concert hall. The windows have come to light.

A sense of breath is revealed. The light goes down and the tones are set at the piano. Driving and soloist make the entrance with candlelight and welcome the audience with Änglaljus!

John Kluge, Sonja Aldén, Py Bäckman
By the wing: Carina E Nilsson & local driver
Christmas Concert Angel Light. - A christmas in a busy time!

Price information

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Price: 425 kr incl service charge


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The concert is in progress for 1 hour and 30 minutes without a break.