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Hits of the 60's, The Original Artist!

Svenne Hedlund, Clabbe of Geijerstam, Lennart Grahn and Janne Önnerud make a common thing, a unique collaboration where they learn the old hit songs from the time they were in Sweden's most popular pop band in the 60's!

The Hep Stars with Svenne Hedlund

The songs on the top lists are the few who have forgotten, Cadillac, Farmer John, Bald Headed Woman, Sunny Girl, Wedding, and more.

Hep Stars is the only band that holds 1st, 2nd and 4th place on "Ten in Top" at the same time when Farmer John was one, Cadillac Two and A Tribute To Buddy Holly Four. It was a band from Liverpool called The Beatles who managed to get in 3rd place with "Ticket To Ride".

Lennart Grahn

The front man and the singer from The Shanes

"Cara Mia Why", "Can I Trust You", "Chris Craft no 9", "Who'll Follow You Home?" "Hi-Lili Hi-Lo" were big hit's with LennartGrahn & The Shanes. Lennart had great success in the early 2000s with the "Idols", including Svenne Hedlund, Lalla Hansson and Tommy Blom.

Claes "Clabbe" by Geijerstam

Ola & The Jangler's guitarist and composer, DJ, program leader, producer, etc.

Claes was the musical engine of Ola & The Janglers, he wrote "Alex is the man", "Julia", "Love Was On Your Mind", etc.

Ola & The Janglers was the first Swedish band to be on "The American Billboard Hot 100" with "Let's Dance".

Clabbe has also had great success with his radio program "Rakt over disc", but also as program leader in the TV "Oppopoppa", "Lite Grand in the ear", etc.

Janne Önnerud

Janne started his career as drummer and singer in the pop group The Hounds. Who does not remember "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", Sealed With A Kiss "and" Exodus "?

After TheHounds dissolved in 1968, Janne had great solo successes with p. a "Love House", "Tommy", "Hang On Party", etc.

Janne competed diligently during the 70s - 80s and 90s with his band Janne Önnerud & Co. During three seasons in the 1980s, Janne Önnerud was the program leader for Svensktoppen.

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