Jill Johnson - Welcome to Christmas Island, Åhaga

Åhaga - a place for experiences!, Borås
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By the end of 2017, Jill Johnson released the album "Christmas Island" - a band dedicated to Christmas, but perhaps even more importantly; a long-awaited collaboration with good friend Anders Berglund. The album contains a number of classic and beloved songs in fantastic arrangements by Anders and finally takes the duo with this wonderful music and goes on a comprehensive tour through Sweden. With the trip, the renowned Sandviken Big Band, will be an unforgettable concert experience in large format with all the ingredients for a perfect Christmas atmosphere!

Jill Johnson is one of Sweden's most beloved artists and has in recent years really landed on the Swedish music scene - but she has also shown another side of herself through her amazing show "That's Life" when she interpreted her favorites from the US the song tax accompanied by big band.What could be better than going on a tour with Anders and with the musical backing of just one big band?

Anders Berglund is one of Sweden's most famous music profiles - organizer, composer, conductor, musician and producer with a career ranging from pop music in Blue Swede via Melodi festivals, "How are you doing", a lot of TV shows, krogshows, musicals, movies and theater music. With an enormous experience and great musical mind, he has taken the arrangements for "Christmas Island" and has created a world-class big band.

The welcome to Christmas Island is a dream project for Jill and Anders; At last, they can jointly invite the audience to the music they both love.

This year's Christmas concert is here!

Read more at : www.nojet.se

Price information

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From 595 kr - 695kr incl service charge


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Release time: kl. 18:00

Length of play: 90 min.

Age limit: 13 years old, not ok for younger in goalkeeper company.