Sabina Ddumba - Sagateatern

Sagateatern, Borås
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The spring concert tour drew full houses with a crowd far above 13,000 and during the summer Sabina Ddumba performed at our biggest festivals. Recently hundreds of thousands of radio listeners could also enjoy her "Summer" in P1. But now Sabina Ddumba chooses to peak her success year with a completely different type of experience-a series of exclusive gigs on a number of intimate scenes. We are used to seeing critically acclaimed Sabina Ddumba on the biggest scenes, but this time it feels like taking part in a private play at home in the singer's living room.

-The conditions for this tour enable a completely different kind of meeting and I think it will feel as intimate to me as to the audience.

Backed by three musicians - consisting of Emmanuel Hailemariam, Mats Sandahl and Djara Erlandsson Sow - it is Sabina's big voice at the center of the autumn when she comes to a number of carefully selected theaters and intimate venues. Autumntour will also be the last chance to get to know singer Sabina Ddumba in the near and scaled-down format - when she faces a major US launch, where she has a contract with Warner Bros.

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Price: 495 kr + service charge