Collapse - Graphics from the Art Epiphany

Ålgården - Artists' Workshop and Gallery, Borås
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Ewa Brodin, Camilla Engman, Carina Fihn, Kjellåke Gerinder, Berit Jonsvik, Andreas Korsár, Pia König, Pia Mauno, Åke Nordström, Michaela Peterson, Anne Pira, Ragnar Schmid, Anna Unsgaard, Lars Åsling.

Is there really ArtPidemin?

Sometimes when I tell someone about the art pact, with all that means, I want to pinch my arm. Do I dream or stand here and lie? No, actually not, the art epiphany exists. In addition, centrally located in a very beautiful park next to the castle forest. In the park area there are 13 houses, several from the late 18th century, built in brick or wood. This was until the late 1970s Gothenburg epidemic hospital when the operations were moved to the newly built Östra Sjukhuset.

In 1986, the artists moved in. This was the initiative of two artists and two architects, Eldsjälar who succeeded in persuading the municipality to raise the houses and the area. This may seem unlikely but a number of favorable circumstancesand foresighted people recorded (for more info read the book on art pestemin). The name had a bearing idea. From the old epidemic hospital, the infection of art would spread throughout the world (now, over Gothenburg), and the infection would spread from all areas of art and preferably in collaboration. Afterwards we succeeded in developing municipal contributions for our outward activities and after 10 years being enrolled in Göteborg's city plan.

Today there are hundreds of studios where artists of different varieties are active; image artists, sculptors, actors, filmmakers, musicians, dancers, writers, ceramics, jewelry artists, textiles, you name it ... In addition, there is an office with a few employees, three galleries, one restaurant, four guest dishes (one for Iaspis fellows) and youth activities, a group working with international contacts, a few theaters, a bar & performance scene, music studios, a jazz club, a bakery (likedo not bake bread without artistic ideas), an annual international gaming event, a performance festival and ... just that, a graphics workshop!

As in most activities that are dependent on non-profit work, the Constituency has experienced ups and downs in enthusiasm and operational intensity. In recent years, something has happened, many new artists have come in and the speed has been speeded up. It's happening a lot now!

Graphics Workshop is an example of this new enthusiasm.

Thus, Verkstan is not new, it has been around for about 15 years and then the enthusiasm was great. A suitable local became available and through a scholarship from the Bildkonstnärfonden we were able to get a cup of pressure press and get started. So it lasted a few years. Then it was like then, a bit into the 21st century, the graphics were not so current anymore. How could it be? Maybe it had to do with the digital. Facebook invaded the senses. The photographic imagegained a new and leading role within the artistic institution. A social image flooded the space required to stand in a workshop and produce images with 15th century technology. It was easier to press a button. In short, a few persevered in the workplace, but most went on to do something else.

Then something happened again!

The digital is quite tiresome. The graphics are actually interesting and maybe you can use it in new ways? Perhaps editing is not the most important thing, but the unique expression that the graphics give? Monotype is quite fun. Maybe you can mix technicians and work mixed media? Maybe you can meet and work together? Yes, the thoughts began to go. Only then did the board suggest that the graphics should be downloaded and rented as a studio instead.

It became a small frame. Suddenly, the visual artists were really interested in graphics.

Yes, there we are today. A graphics grouphas been formed with 30's members on the interest list and the graphics industry is in full swing. We work with traditional copper traffic but also cardboard printing, photographic transmission methods, high pressure, yes, we mix everything. On Friday, we work together around a theme and finish the day with Afterwork. Wine and delicacies are displayed on the press and endless discussions about graphics, about life, about philosophy and about everything else in the world take.

So the graphics live again!

Ragnar Schmid

Contemporary Graphics from the Konstepidemin

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