Lars-Eje Larsson

Flaménska Galleriet, Borås
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Painting is the artist Lars-Eje Larsson's expression and is now displayed on the Flaménska Gallery.


In my painting I move between different image worlds, which can shift from pure abstract to purely figurative. Most often I find myself in a figurative painting with elements of semi-elemental elements. My way of working switches between intuitive painting and working with depictions or imaging of reality. Sometimes it becomes a mix of these.

The most important thing in my painting is the light and the color. I try to figure out moods and space creation where the light plays the most important component. Composition and color composition are also important elements of my image creation. I work mainly in watercolor and acrylic. In my watercolor painting, contrasts and opposites have great significance for loading the image. It is light against dark, wet against dry, distinct from diffuseetc. Different watercolor techniques that merged on the same image area. But even my moods in acrylic are based on contrasts and contradictions in the visual expression itself. A kind of dualism. I paint a scene where the interpretations can be multiple and ambiguous, but the viewer himself writes the story.

To me, all the painting, both as a practitioner and an observer, is about the will to touch and the will to be touched. To go outside your own self and become one with something bigger.

Vernissage: Saturday 27 October, 12-16.

27Oct 12:00 - 16:00 Flaménska Galleriet

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Flaménska Galleriet
Södra Torget 4
Phone: +46-733973409

Organizer: Borås och Sjuhäradsbygdens Konstförening


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