Kjell Sundberg

Flaménska Galleriet, Borås
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My name is Kjell Sundberg, living and working in Kristinehamn, where I moved back after my artistic education. I share studio in the Libra neighborhood together with my wife, Lorraine Rantala, sculptor. I have been working for 40 years, my main medium is painting, drawing and graphics.


When the children were small, they got building blocks, as I had manufactured myself, on Christmas presents, with a number of given shapes like; the cube, the rod short and long, the cylinder short and long, the triangle and the bridge panel. An old toy that children played with at all times. The days before Christmas, when the Christmas gift was finished, I tested it, and was fascinated by the infinite variations that could be made with these few simple basic forms.

You can draw parallels with the building blocks and, for example, the written language, which consists of 28 pcs. "Building blocks", which you can also vary in infinity and bring out different expressions andlawsuits. The spoken word is a language, the body language of the dance is one, the music has its language, with tones, tone color, chords like building blocks.

Different languages ​​that one can hardly translate into another, it is not easy to dance a novel or sing a painting eg

Similarly, the image has its unique language, but what are its "building blocks"? Is it color, shape, contrasts bright and dark, cold and hot, hard and soft, and how can they vary?

This is something that interests me as an artist. I think that, like the writing language where the expression magic lies between the lines, the image of magic occurs in the meeting, the collision between its basic elements. The ambition must be to weigh up, push up this collision, tension in the image, so that an energy occurs that continues to vibrate in the eyes of the viewer long after the image is completed.

One can say that a good image has its own life,an energy generated irrespective of times, isms or what is temporarily in fashion.

Vernissage: Saturday 6 October, at. 12-16.

21Oct 12:00 - 15:00 Flaménska Galleriet

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