Guest Game of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra - Borås Symphony Orchestra

Åhaga - a place for experiences!, Borås
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Now, we'll finally get a chance to listen to the orchestra from our neighbor to the west. It is not any orchestra, GSO is appointed by the government to the Swedish National Orchestra. It is one of our few fully-featured symphony orchestras with over 100 full-time musicians who have their roots in the early nineties with Wilhelm Stenhammar as leaders. What then is more natural than showing up its full width and performing works from the most modern to the most classic.

Yngst is Anna Clyne, born in London in 1980. She started composing at the age of eleven and has once been "house composer" at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra National d'Île-de-France and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. In her 2006 Rewind, the distorted images and the distorted sounds of a video tape rewind and where the rehearsal represents the movement of the music itself.

Gothenburg Gösta Nystroem, 1890-1966 had its feet in traditionand the look of the future. His concerto ricercante (1959) for piano and orchestra is rhythmically driven and curious. Ricercante means something "search", and Nystroem was probably searching for where he stood: the Paris studio with influences from, for example, Stravinsky and Poulenc.

Ludwig van Beethoven, 1770-1827 assigned his "hero symphony" (1803) the Revolutionary Napoleon Bonaparte, but dispelled the dedication when he appointed Emperors. But the music preserved its revolutionary power and its humanist pathos where joy and sorrow eventually became a wonderful expression of a new era.

A. Clyne - Rewind
G. Nystroem - Concerto Ricercante
L. van Beethoven - Symphony No. 3 "Eroican"



Tickets can also be purchased on the concert day one hour before the concert at the entrance to Åhaga.

Wheelchair seat can be booked at Borås Tourist Office, tel 033-35 70 90. 1 st escortSupplied free of charge to a person in need of assistance.

Price information

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Regular price: 320 kr incl. service fee.

Students 18-26 years (on presentation of valid student ID) 170 SEK incl. Service fee.

Young people under 18 years of age enter for free but need a ticket to enter.