Borås International Sculpture Center 2018

Borås museum of modern art, Borås
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Borås International Sculpture Center 2018 - A Grin Without a Cat
May 26 - September 23

For the sixth time, we have the pleasure of inviting an international sculpture artist with artists from different parts of the world. This year's biennal is concentrated on Borås Art Museum and to the city center where you find works in the public space.

New for this year is that participating artists participate in works both in the Borås Art Museum and in the outdoors. Several of the artists participate in completely new works.

As a curator and artistic leader, we have invited Power Ekroth, which stands for the concept and selection of artists. Ekroth (SE /NO) is a freelance curator and critic who has founded the publication SITE, works for KORO, wrote for Art criticism and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Red Sten Konsthall. Ekroth has also curated for OFF Biennale Something Else in Kario, Egypt, 2015, Momentum Biennale, Moss, Norway and the solo exhibitionby John Bock at the Culture House, Stockholm, 2015

Ekroth has chosen to give the biennial the title A Grin Whitout a Cat - taken from Alice in Wonderland. In the biennial, the visitor faces a different world where fiction appears more real than the reality we live in. Like Alice, we meet the truth in various forms where the Cheshire cat's smile becomes synonymous with our longing for another world. As an extension of this year's biennal, we show the exhibition The Cat's Tail with works from the collection that relate to the thematic theme of the main exhibition.

During Borås International Sculpture Center 2018 there is a parallel satellite project with a regional sculpture exchange. The Sculpture National is expanded and receives three satellites - Skövde, Uddevalla and Ulricehamn. Borås lends out three sculptures and in return three sculptures are borrowed from the municipalities. Regionalizing internationally interesting festivals is a concept developed by the Västra Götaland region togetherwith the local federations.

With Pinocchio by Jim Dine, Borås opened its first sculpture novel 2008. Since then, a revitalizing densification of public art has made the city known as the "sculpture street".

23Sep 15:30 and 16:00 Borås museum of modern art

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