Viaredssjön Around 2019

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Viaredssjön Around May 19, 2019 is a popular and tradition-rich exercise race by bike with start & finish at Sandareds IP in Sandared, just outside Borås.

There are 3 different courses to choose from. Fun Tip round 25 km for families with children, is included in the commencement class, Motionsrundan 67 km and the tougher Classics round 105 km which is part of Boråsklassikern (read more at ). If you do the commencement class, it is the tip round that applies.

Price information

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Pre-registration closes Saturday 11/5


105km and 67km: 350: - (sign up 450 :-)

25km and tip round: 40: / person or family 80: -


Swish: 123 048 39 25

BG: 5420-9663

Then send an email to with:

  1. first name
  2. surname
  3. person number 6 digits
  4. phone nr
  5. address
  6. which stretch

If you have registered and paid for more, write all participants.


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All cycling takes place on public roads and streets. There are no restrictions or barriers, the usual traffic rules apply. Participation is at your own risk and you as a participant are not insured by the organizer.

Any flagguard's task is to warn cyclists and motorists of what we consider critical places. Use a helmet and cycle carefully.