186 years Together - Siw Malmkvist, Anne-Louise Hansson and Towa Carson

Dalsjöfors, Borås
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186 years Together

An unforgettable evening of 186 years back together to the public parks where everything began, participating are Siw Malmkvist, Anne-Louise Hansson and Towa Carson, showbiz giants, three legendaries who together have maintained us for 186 years, take the opportunity to enjoy these amazing artists who started their professional careers in the mid 50's. The audience can look forward to a crackling show filled with anecdotes, humor and unforgettable hits.

The plan was from the beginning that Malmkvist and Hanson were going to tour with Barbro "Lill-Babs" Svensson. But that did not happen. Malmkvist and Hanson decided to go out on the roads yet to pay tribute to their lost friend and now it is clear that they are joined by Towa Carson instead. Tour schedule: 26/7 Heby, 27/7 Falun, 28/7 Örebro, 29/7 Hammarö, 31/7 Trollhättan, 1/8 Dalsjöfors, 3/8 Malmö, 4/8 Lönsboda, 5/8 Huskvarna, 6/8 Nykvarn.

Runs about 2 hours and20 minutes of break.

Tickets will soon be sold on tickster.

An unforgettable nightlife evening, coffee shop, chocolate wheel, etc.

01Aug 18:00

Contact information

Dalsjöfors Folkets Park
Storgatan 71
Phone: +46-33270169
Booking: +46-705209342

Organizer: Dalsjöfors Folkets Park

E-mail: dalsjoforsparken@telia.com

Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| Bus number 159 towards Dalsjöfors. People's Park is on the other side of the road at the bus stop.