Exhibition - Wool For Life

Textile Museum of Sweden, Borås

In Sweden, 578,000 sheep produce 1,000 tons of wool every year. Most of this is thrown away!
Not all wool is suitable for production of clothing, but there are many other areas in which it can be used. In a joint effort to create a sustainable society, we want more people to be aware of the potential offered by Swedish wool.
The exhibition presents small-scale domestic wool craft objects and shows the advantages and various application areas of wool. The wool comes from Swedish sheep, and the yarn was spun by Swedish spinning mills. Along with the exhibition itself, workshops, courses, and lectures, will be held.
The travelling exhibition was produced by Sweden’s hemslöjdskonsulenter (‘handicraft advisory officers’)/regional developers, who aim to promote collaboration and strengthen the wool industry in terms of both crafting and knowledge.
The exhibition is being held in collaboration with the hemslöjdskonsulenter of ‘Västarvet’, the Region’s natural and cultural heritage administration.
To read more about Swedish textile crafting and find inspiration for your own, please visit : www.textilhemslojd.se
National Swedish Handicraft Council: www.nfh.se

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