Brolle - Summer Days - July 12th

Borås City, Borås
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In mid-July, it's time for our third summer's thursday this year and the artist will definitely raise the heat in the square. Rocknroll: one comes back Borås together with Brolle and his band Million Dollar Quartet. Brolle will offer lots of rock'n'roll at a high pace, based on his personal perspective.

P4 Sjuhärad meets local artists
During four of the Summer Days® 2018, P4 Sjuhärad meets some of the area's most interesting and promising artists on stage at Stora Torget. It offers live music and conversations about life as a musician, about driving forces, role models and thoughts about the future. Interviewers make Sara Nygren. P4 Meetings are on Thursdays 12, 19, 26 July and 2 August at. 20:00. More information about which artists will be visiting P4 on stage will be in late April.

Summer's Day Content:
18.00 Children's entertainment program will be released May 17th
19.00 localbandage programs will be released May 3th
20.00 P4 Sjuhärad meets local artists
21.00 Main artist: Brolle
21.00 Date - Dance band in Stadsparken

Brolle has had an unprecedented success with his performance ELVIS, CASH, THE KILLER & ME at Göta Lejon in Stockholm last year. The performance, which had its premiere in early September 2017, received brilliant reviews and has by now been seen by more than 45,000 people and is extended to early March 2018. This is not the first time Brolle is on a musical scene for as soon as 10 Years ago, he also sold out Göta Lejon, then with the super success "The Buddy Holly Musical".

But Brolle does a lot more .; He has been grammatically nominated, appeared in the Diggiloo and Melodifestivalen and all other possible television programs, and has been nominated for "The Norrbottning of the Year". Brolle also started his own tour project in 2012; "Rock'n'Roll On Tour",a tour exclusively in public parks around Norrland. The success spread like a running pole, and Brolle has since performed classical folk music evenings with cover bands, shows, throws, etc. across Sweden. The evenings have been honored by the public as well as the media.

But now it's summer day in Borås that applies. Brolle will offer lots of rock'n'roll at a high pace, based on his personal perspective.

I really look forward to this gig, says Brolle. It's been a good many years since I played in Borås, despite having received many requests from fans lately.

Brolle has his own, at this time, little legendary band Million Dollar Quartet.

Sounds Date Known? Perhaps you have seen us participate in the Dance Band game, maybe in the aim of the stars. Or maybe in the Melodifestivalen or Bingolotto?

Since the beginning of 1993, the band has participated in onevariety of TV shows.

The group was formed in 1993 under the name Relatives. The name date was not taken until 1997 when the band participated in the television program "Sikta mot stjärnorna", such as the boy band Take That with the song Back for Good.

Date has participated in the Melodifestival three times.
2001: If you forgive me.
2002: The innermost room
2005: Heard the angels whisper your name

Date has won the Gold Claw as the newcomer of the year and Jan Lindberg won the Gold Squad for the year's bassist 2006. Date has also been Grammis nominated for best dance band album.

In addition, the band has participated in a variety of TV shows such as Bingolotto, Go'väll, Dansbandslåten, Nyhetsmorgon, Café Norrköping and others.

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Summer Days® is organized by Borås City and Borås TME
There are shops, restaurants and business in central Borås which together with sponsors make it possible to invite Borås and visitors to one of Sweden's largest free nights.

Summer Days is a joint venture between Borås City and Borås TME . Summer scene is on Stora Torget in Borås city.