Jireel - Summer Days® - July 5th

Borås City, Borås
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This year's second summer's day, Jireel will take the Summer Thursday scene, a long-awaited artist who received many voices of the likes of artists this year. With nearly 600,000 listeners per month on Spotify and as one of the country's biggest names when it comes to hip hop, we hope he will get the square in rocking.

Jireel has just released the single "Força", performed live on P3 Gold, where he also received award as "Artist of the Year" and this year he also received a Grammis as winner in the "Newcomer of the Year." It is with great pleasure that we welcome Jireel to Borås and Summer Days 2018.

P4 Next! - Sweden's Radio P4 Music Competition
P4 Next is Sweden's Radio P4's nationwide music competition for songwriters, artists and newly written music. As long as Summer Days have been around, P4 Sjuhärad Sveriges Radio has organized music competition at Stora Torget. Here you have found starslike Shirley Clamp and Niclas Andersson. 2010 was previously developed "Artist in Borås" to Svensktoppen next and last year the competition changed name to P4 Next! The competition is organized all over the country and each of the 25 local P4 channels presents each of the finalists. Last year, the duo HannaJolin convinced both the audience and the jury with his pop song Lemonpie and ended as a seven-year-old lover. Contests that compete in the local finals are also played on P4's playlists, and the contest that wins the national finals will also be challenged to Svensktoppen. The Final Final of P4 Next! takes place on Stora Torget's scene July 5 at. 20:00.

Summer's Day Content:
18.00 Children's entertainment program will be released May 17th
19.00 local association - Urban Views
20.00 P4 Next! Sjuhärad Final
21.00 Main artist: Jireel
21.00 Fernandoz - Dance band in Stadsparken

The young rapperfrom Rågsved south of Stockholm, in a short period of time, has gone from a prominent hip hop promise to one of the country's biggest names. When the P3 Gold Gala broke off at the beginning of the year, Jireel was named "Artist of the Year" - a clear acknowledgment that Jireel, 17 years old, has now become a full-fledged artist.

Jireel debuted in November 2015 with the song "Here & Now" and since then has still delivered hits on hits with his crispy, modern style. Songs like "Like Me", "Langa Luren" and Superheater "Cataleya" made 2016 to his breakthrough. The 2017 Debut EP 'Jettad' is already mentioned as a milestone in Swedish hiphop - and when Jireel received the great honor to finish the whole of the Grammis gala that year we had a taste of a brilliant live artist.

Last year, Jireel continued to excite awesome singles like "Man of the Year" and "Tagga", side by side touring the country. With just released the single "Força", live performanceon P3 Gold, award as "The Artist of the Year" on the same gala and Grammis winner in the category New Year of the Year together with Grammis nominations in plural, Jireel has already entered 2018 as one of the biggest winners of the year.

Fernandoz, the dance band from the Värmland forests, now releases his 12th FullCd album. Just over a year later, plans were made to make a Tema plate. Fernandoz and their record company Neptune came to make a plate with only Old Country Godings. This has been a dream for the band for a long time, and now it became reality. With great care, 12 old-known classics were chosen from the 1950s until the 1970s. Country music has and has had many subgenres and styles over the years, but Anders, the singer in the band, thinks they got "a little bit of that and a little bit of that".

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Summer Days® is organized by Borås City and Borås TME
There are shops, restaurants and business in central Borås which together with sponsors make it possible to invite Borås and visitors to one of Sweden's largest free nights.

Summer Days is a joint venture between Borås City and Borås TME . Summer scene is on Stora Torget in Borås city.