Ekhagen Live - Midsummer Festival

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We now have the great pleasure of offering a fantastic midsummer celebration in Borås. With a broad program, Ekhagen Live is a meeting place that encourages participation and diversity.

The arrangement is aimed at all ages and is alcohol and drug-free.

07.30 Ekhagen The bus starts rolling
08.00 Breakfast buffet
09.00 Midsummer Bar Dress
09.30 Collection Ekhagenloppet
10:00 Ekhagenloppet
10:00 The hopping country opens
10.30 Bumperballs open
10.30 "Piltavlan" opens
11.00 Opening of Ekhagen LIVE
11.30 Zipline opens
11.30 Midsummer lunch opens
11.30 Wakeboard opens
11.30 Water ring after boat opens
11.30 beach tournament begins
12.00 Vattenzorb
12.00 Look up in the sky
12.00 Sample Trial
12.00 Music under the bell
12.15 The hot tub opens
12:30 Music at the pier
13.00 MC show
15.00 Midsummer dances
15.00 FAVO sale starts
16.00 Bigjump - The water
16.15 Candy rain
16.30 Wizard
16:30 Swimming race
17.00 Wakeboard Competition
19.00 Concert with - CLOSE SNACK
20.00 Concert with- CLOSE SNACK
21.15 Concert with-SLAPPING SNACK
22.00 Concert with- CLOSE SNACK
23.00 Concert with the MARES Concert Hall
01.00 Night Festival with - SLOW SNOW
02.00 Housekonsert med- SLÄPPS SNART
03.00 The last bus leaves.


Contact information

Sommargården Ekhagen / EFS / Lutha
Skogsrydsvägen 80
506 49 Borås
Phone: +46-33247173

E-mail: expedition@luhta.se

Price information

|Translated by Google translation|

Free entrance for everyone between 14:00 and 16:00

Other times you buy a festival pass ..

More info at www.ekhagenlive.se/billets

Public transportation