Swefit Expo

Åhaga - a place for experiences!, Borås
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Welcome to the Swefit Expo!
You who are passionate about exercise, diet and health - here you will find everything collected in one place!

You will be able to view fitness contests in various shapes, including Bikini Fitness, Men's Physique and Classic Bodybuilding and CrossFit.

You will be able to meet representatives from a number of leading providers in the industry that will showcase their latest products and brands along with offering you attractive event prices.

Warm welcome to the Swefit Expo at Åhaga on November 11, 2017!

For further information visit www.swefitexpo.se

Opening hours: 08:30 - 18:00
Address: Lillåvägen 4, 504 33 Borås (Åhaga)
Entrance fair: 100 sec /per person

Price information

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Entrance fair: 100 sec / per person

Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| Bus line 7 or 9, towards Hedvigsborg, Monday to Friday. Bus stop Daltorp's school. Bus line 2, towards Trandared all days. Bus stop Daltorp. Walking bridge over Söderleden to Åhaga.