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Borås Bio Röda Kvarn, Borås
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Poland, 1945. Mathilde is a young French doctor at the Red Cross who helps survivors from World War II. One day she is called by a nun who asks for help. In the monastery Mathilde finds several pregnant women raped by soldiers, and when the church tries to darken the situation, she becomes their last hope.

Criticism-directed director Anne Fontaine (Coco-life before Chanel) has created a reality-based portrait, as cautiously as unimportant, of faith, guilt and strength to resist.

Director: Anne Fontaine
Contributors: Lou de Laâge, Agata Buzek et al
Country: France /Poland
Year: 2016
Censorship: From 15 years
Length: 115 minutes

Original title: Les innocentes

26Nov 16:00 19:00 Borås Bio Röda Kvarn

Contact information

Bio Röda Kvarn
Sven Eriksonsplatsen 3
503 38 Borås
Phone: +46-33357624


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|Translated by Google translation|
Borås Bio is located a stone's throw from Borås Central Station at Knalletorget along the River Viskan, opposite the restaurant Kitchen and directly adjacent to the Babbel restaurant.