Rya Åsar Trail Run

|Translated by Google translation|

After two lovely folk parties in the forest, we look forward to the third edition of Rya Åsar Trail Run, Saturday, October 12, 2019.

Last year, 750 runners ran at the nature reserve Rya Åsar. The 11.6 km course is identical to previous years race, which means fantastic views, lovely slopes, lakes and trails. This year we have 1000 seats to the race.

You do not have to be a van traillist to participate, as marking and cutting will be very clear all the way. At the same time, we offer a challenging course even for the used trailer driver!

Some news for this year is that we will have a team competition with at least three runners in each team. Now you have the chance to bring your friends in a team and maybe challenge another friend, company or association. At the challenging Devil's Hill, all participants will have a time and the lady and men who are fastest up to the top will take home the back prize. Of course, haswe also this year train trips for children 6-13 years, read more on the page about Rya Åsar Kids Trail Run.

We will continue to develop the entire running experience and the competition area where it will be offered a lovely atmosphere, music, DJ, dining and a roaring Runners Lounge.

Warm welcome to the folk party in the forest!

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