Brasserie Concertino - Borås Symphony Orchestra

Åhaga, Borås
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Brasserie Concertino with Borås Symphony Orchestra.

With Richard Wagner's Overture to the Flying Dutchman, we end up in the middle of the romantic 19th century. The flying Dutchman is a spoken figure that played a major role in the seamen's imagination. Meeting him at sea meant an accident.

Heinrich Heine has raised this verse in his poem, and Wagner has collected his substance with him. In the outrage we hear the drama about the Dutch curse and irrational voyages on the stormy sea on Norway's coast, the singer thugs of the sailors, and finally Senta's motive for motions.

In the Rickard Strauss duet for clarinet and bassoon we hear a full-bodied work by an aged composer who, with all his life experience, created a spiritual and serious conversation between the two blowers. Strauss suggested that the piece has a connection with Andersen's saga about the pig hero where the bassoon is
Pork shepherd and clarinet are princess, or maybe thatA dancing princess turns a bear into prince. Nevertheless, Strauss has created a work that approaches the neoclassical style with a fancy transparent orchestral sound.

On the bassoon we hear Sebastian Wagner, born in Heidelberg, and educated at the music schools in Mannheim and Detmold. In 1994 he joined the Gothenburg Opera, where he is a director and soloist. The clarinet is trained by the born-in-born Sten Westerlund, who has been a soloist in the Army music year and now plays in the Gothenburg Opera Orchestra. He has been educated both in Ingesund and at Malmö Music School.

Wilhelm Stenhammar completed his second symphony in 1915, and dedicated it to "my dear orchestra musician in Göteborg Symphony Orchestra". Strongly influenced by both Bruckner and Brahms, in the second symphony he has found a clear Nordic atmosphere with the ambition to write a "sober and honest music".

Here's the bold boldness of contemporary age meets the polyphony of older people.


R. Wagner Ouveryr to The Flying Dutchman
R. Strauss Duett Concertino, F-dur
W. Stenhammar Symphony No. 2, G-Moll, Opus 34

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