Kjell Enhager - I AB 2.0

Åhaga, Borås
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In ME 2.0 AB Kjell Enhager gives concrete examples of how 2017 can take on the whole-life balance with work, finances, family and relationships as well as obtain life to function in an optimal way. Come, enjoy and be inspired by Kjell entertaining and unique stories on the way to creating a strong, happy and successful life. Super success from the 90's I AB, which has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people have now finally got a sequel.

Time: 3 hours including intermission.

15Nov 18:30 Åhaga

Contact information

Lillåvägen 4
504 33 Borås
Phone: +46-33131510

E-mail: info@ahaga.se
Website: http://www.ahaga.se

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Price information

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530 kr. Tickets: www.ticketmaster.se or Borås Tourist Office.