Boras GIF Knektås

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Welcome to Borås GIF and plant on Knektås. Borås GIF want to inspire individuals and businesses to a healthy and active lifestyle. Borås GIF is aimed primarily at families. The kids (big and small) are in focus. The goal is to teach the sport in a fun and positive way in which everyone can participate, regardless of age or previous experience.

Borås GIF active in sports are mountain biking, orienteering and skiing. These sports complement each other and to interact between sport is for everyone to have as positive an experience as possible.

Borås GIF want to offer families fellowship, fun and exercise for fun and unpretentious forms. The key words are fellowship, fun and exercise. Each session will be an experience.

During the late summer of 2016 launched an updated and developed facility with Boras first pump track, 4 new mountain bike trails in the woods and an obstacle course with nine obstacles (which also can be used as utegym).

Pump Track

Short,Technical bike path at about 250 m of turns, small hills and obstacles. Cycle Playground and technical course in one. The basis for the name is that by balancing the right way and utilize the hills will be able to "pump" the arms /handlebar around the track without having to step on the pedals. Good balance, steering technique and bike technology development path.

4 MTB loops
By creating different levels of difficulty and length of the loops, the aim is that everyone should be able to find a trail that matches the individual's skill. The idea is also to be developed further through training and gradually able to take on difficult challenges in GIF terrain. The color coding on the severity of the loops follow the same label as alpine slopes, where green is the easiest and black the hardest. (Tip: During documents and links you will find a PDF of the map and info about the routes).

Bike Wash is also prepared to wash the bikes after training.

Obstacle Course(Utegym)
The obstacle course is built from pressure-treated wood, is about 100 m long and contains a total of nine obstacles. Pulse Driving and strength development.

1. Over-under. Jump over and crawl under the booms. Plyometrics, strength and agility.
2. Tricepsgång. Triceps overloaded then you should go "imminent" horizontal bars on the four-meter booms. Upper body strength and core stability.
3. The bugs. Creep on the artificial turf in the ropes. Agility and speed.
4. Fast feet. Tyres Classic which requires footwork and speed. Pants and elasticity.
5. uphill. Ascend slope and jump over the edge. Strength and skinning.
6. The balance. Narrow conventions that require concentration and focus. Balance and timing.
7. podium. Boras's podium be climbed with a maximum height of 180 cm. Bone strength and elasticity.
8. horizontal bars. More bars and longer distances to be defeated. Arm strength and core stability
9. Triple. The end of the obstacle isa triple combination of hedges. Elasticity and speed.

Many of the obstacles can be used as utegym and create a circle passport consisting of up to 20 different strength exercise stations.