Storsjo trail


The Storsjö area offers a fantastic sense of wilderness. Hike the 8,5 km trail around the lake. Discover the beautiful nature and see the traces of the old cultural landscape. Discover the interesting history of the lake, which was created a little over a century ago and actually is dam for a hydro plant. The track takes you all the way around the lake.

A number of barbecue sites are available along the water for resting and eating. There is also a camping lean-to where it is nice to stop overnight.

The trail maintains a good standard and is pleasant to walk along. It is marked with sign posts with a shuttle symbol on.

Fishing, swimming, boat hire and barbecue sites in the immediate vicinity


Nearest bus stop: Ryttaren, approx. 2 km away.

Start/ Finish: Car park at Storsjögården, follow signs from the main road in Viskafors.


From Boras, take road 40 southbound. After approx 10 km at Viskafors, follow the signs towards "Naturreservatet Storsjön".