The Sjuhärad trail


The Sjuhärad trail starts at the railway station in Hindås and continues via Bollebygd, Borås and Ulricehamn to Hotel Mullsjö, Mullsjö. The trail is 140 km long and divided into 10 legs. Sjuhärad trail has constituted a leg of the international European Long-distance Path 1 since 1991, which starts in Italy and ends in Grövelsjön in northern Dalarna, Sweden. The stretch through Ulricehamn Municipality is 60 km long and runs between Hallabron at the southern tip of Tolken and the municipal boundary towards Mullsjö at Ryfors. The hike takes you through woodlands, agricultural landscapes and towns. The trail has orange route markers and arrows.

To discover

The trail passes through several outstanding areas of natural beauty, including the Rya Åsar Nature Reserve where you can really get a sense of the glorious West Swedish wilderness.  The ancient forest in Ryfors offers unique nature experiences in a fairy tale setting, and has a round walk that is suitable for wheelchair users. The ancient cairns in the age old pastures around Björbo are many hundreds of years old, and the passage of history can be seen all along the trail. Raska Minas Stuga is a quaint croft from the 1800s which is always open. The croft is furnished authentically, and you can eat your picnic on the kitchen table there. Another cottage that is also open along the trail is Jordkulan, which is in a lovely spot in the Fredsskogen woods, between Timmele and Dalum. The cottage served as emergency shelter during the 1800s. The trail passes by ancient pastures, beautiful views, and old churches. The ruins of Brunns church is an ancient monument well worth seeing. The church itself was probably built in the 1100s. More information about the sights along the trail can be found in the descriptions of each stage.


There are several rest areas and places to stay overnight along the trail that are great to stop at. You can choose to stay in a hostel, a fine hotel or out in the wild. There are a number of permanent shelters to camp out in. If you want to sleep indoors there are many different alternatives to choose between, with everything from lovely industrial heritage sites to cosy campsites with a lake view. On Stage 1 there’s Hjortviken Conference Hotel, Hindåsgården Hotel & Spa, and Hindås Marina. In Borås the trail goes by Borås Campsite, where the Zoo and Upzone Adventure Park are also found. There are lots of services in this area, and shops and places to eat are located in Knalleland about 1 km from the trail (Stage 5). On Stage 7 in Ulricehamn there are plenty of accommodation alternatives but the nearest is Prångens Camping. Shops, restaurants and other services can be found there. You’ll pass the historic Årås Mill on Stage 10, with hostel accommodation, and at the end of the stage both Hotel Mullsjö and Ryfors Trädgårds café are near the trail. More information about all services can be found on the respective stage maps.

Maps and information for each stage can be downloaded from Hike in Sjuhärad or the respective municipality's website.

Contact information

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