Parkour Park - Lundby

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A park that is always tr y e a r OPEN f o r gen ä nheten, specially designed f o r parkourtr ä tion, but also on offering good m asl jligheter to other EXERCISING forms. At the far end of the parking lot behind Media Markt in Knalleland With a modern spontaneous place.

Parkour park, which was built in Q2 2014 is the only one of its kind and enables its visitors both on a mental and physical level, in a way that can satisfy both the playfulness that profound workout abstinence. On the park you will find many obstacles specially created to playfully and tantalizing manner tease your willingness to explore and develop yourselfalong what you can. All obstacles are supposed to hope between, and all the walls meant to run on. Do an edge, so it is guaranteed there for you to hang in it, in one way or another. A clear example is the wheelchair ramp, which in addition to being created to help disabled people to get to the portable easy-position for upper body training, are surface-treated to all the walls provides grip enough for the spänstige learning to climb. With the environment in mind, designed the park is also to include many reused components, such as jump-ramp, made of a large stump concrete pipes that previously could be found in the city, or the characteristic bus shelter now offers great training opportunities for the creative. In order to contribute to the city as much as possible, created some of the obstacles to be portable, and therefore sometimes be found at local events! Keep an eye open, you might findthem even when they are not in the park!

Having trouble characterized NNA into where and how you are going to b island RJA EXERCISE na? H o r a pair f island PROPOSED:
-Närmast Lundby hallway you will find a board with deployed stones and concrete stumps. what will you be able to jump over? Is there a couple of rocks that you can almost jump between? feel if you can not change your technique to handle more of the jumps, whether you want to jump with speed, or stationary.
-Uppe On artificial turf surface on the hill, you will find two pieces the big brown boxes. Try to get over one of them. When you have succeeded, you can try to do it again, though to touch it once less. Repeat and try different techniques!
-One More difficult challenge is tostand on the little wall along the bus shelter, and try to get 'round the bus stop without touching the ground by hanging from his hands.

-Which Is the highest wall you manage to run up to the park? Start with the inclined walls of the pyramid closest to the rink and work your way up to the highest wall of the wheelchair ramp!
-Utmana Your friends! Make a motion that you think may be difficult to imitate, and let your party imitating the movement! eg you can jump from betongplinten, located closest to the road, only to land hanging in the truss mast. Perhaps you can manage to jump back to the terminal from hanging too? Then let your friend try to come to a difficult challenge for you!

I wish you and your friends the best of luck!

Written by Kevin Lind, designer of the park.

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|Translated by Google translation|


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