Gardens in West Sweden

Fotskäl, Borås


Gardens in West Sweden has a lot to offer the garden enthusiast.

On our map you’ll find:

  • Small gardens in rural settings.
  • Large well known gardens.
  • Historic gardens set in cultural heritage sites, and…
  • ...historic locations with rediscovered gardens undergoing restoration.
  • Gardens with collections of apples, roses, vegetables, herbs, peonies…
  • Gardens with accommodation, food, produce and stories to tell.

The map has much more to offer:

  • Get to meet dedicated growers with lots of knowledge they’d love to share with you.
  • Lovely routes through the beautiful landscapes of West Sweden lead to our gardens.
  • Tailor make your own trip with visits to lots of different gardens in contrasting environments, or let Gardens in West Sweden guide you.
  • If you are a keen grower yourself then we have an extensive range of courses and programmes, products and services to offer.

A warm welcome to Gardens in West Sweden!


The association aims to coordinate, promote and develop gardens, which are a part of our natural and cultural heritage, for tourism and other similar business operations.

Gardens in West Sweden unites businesses in the region which manage gardens open to the public for tourist visits. The network/association’s primary tasks will be joint marketing initiatives, as well as education and training programmes.

Members include representatives of other organisations, associations and businesses that operate ‘similar activities’ such as plant nurseries, Bed & Breakfasts, gardening associations and different types of growers.

The organisation also contains members of official organisations interested in developing public gardens such as the hospitality and tourism industries, and Green Rehab.