Textile Fashion Center


In the old industrial site in the centre of Borås a new meeting point is created. A meeting point for creative businesses within textile, fashion and design; Textile Fashion Center. A creative centre for science, culture, innovation and business, mainly within textiles but also within other areas.

It was a long time ago since the machinery of the textile industry stopt its rumbling at Simonsland. The old buildings are still here, the dye house, the weaving mill, the sewing factory and the filature but the content is new. The textile heritage is an important part in the identity of the city and still today here exists an internationally acknowledged cluster of companies within textile and clothing. Therefore the location of Textile Fashion Center comes quite natural.

The place distinguish from other clusters through its unique environment and its unique concept. It is a combination of free thinking, knowledge and science. A place where entrepreneurship can grow with great confidence and authenticity.

City of Borås

A key ingredient in Textile Fashion Center is interaction. The City of Borås, the University of Borås and the trade and industry together creates the foundation of the cluster.

The basic idea is that innovative processes best enables through consultation between the community, businesses and academia – a recipe for success that is known worldwide. In Borås we are also adding culture with the The Textile Museum of Sweden in Textile Fashion Center.

Textile Fashion Center includes a range of independent companies that come together in a cluster. It is collaboration between companies, research institutions, education, and organizations working for innovation and development and the University of Borås


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