Gärdhem Second Hand

Dalsjöfors, Borås

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Society rests on Christian humanitarian foundation with a broad ecumenical basis, with openness to all. The primary purpose is to take into account society's abundance and the processing convert it to benefit and help the needy. This involves the collection, processing, price marking and sale of the goods generous people donate to Gärdhem and sending some of the goods to the needy, both within and outside Sweden.

Secondhand store also strive to become a social meeting place for both Swedes and new immigrants (immigrant neighbors), where one can come to meet, enjoy and maybe, if you like, make an effort to the extent that they themselves believe that have the time and inclination to.

In addition to the work to receive goods and process the same are we doing to make Gärdhemsmiljön as pleasant as possible.


We have a variety selection of clothing and articlesthe home such as porcelain, electronics, lamps, rugs, furniture and more.


Our cafeteria has become a successful meeting point where, before or after a shopping spree at Gärdhems various departments, relaxing with coffee and homemade pastries at a low price. The last Saturday of each month served up delicious waffles with jam and whipped cream.

Contact information

Phone: +46-33270090

Website: www.gardhemsecondhand.se

Opening hours

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Saturdays 10:00 to 13:00

Public transportation


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How Can You to Gärdhem?

Gärdhems second hand is at Toarps church, 13 kilometers east of Borås. Run the R40 towards Ulricehamnsloppet and take off at Dalsjöfors Ticking. Continue straight until you see Toarps beautiful church on the left in a right hand curve. When you are there you will see the Gärdhems building 100 meters up on the right side.

Sales take place Saturdays at 10:00 to 13:00
If a Saturday falls on a holiday, we usually open on Wednesday of the same week, 16:00 to 19:00.


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Gärdhem located at Toarps church barely 15 km from the center of Borås.