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Welcome to Kinnarumma's old wooden church from the 1690s, today a popular baptismal and wedding church, with associated Sockenstuga outside the church wall.

The church is thus from the Kinnarumma parish in Marks heath, and is also called Ramnakyrkan. The altar cabinet and the large pulpit originate from an even older edition of the church, dating from the 16th century. The roof paintings were performed in the 1750s by the borrower Detleff Ross and represents the Trinity, the Ascension, the Resurrection, and Hell. Other furniture comes from other churches in Sjuhäradsbygden.

The bell tower comes from Öra parish, Gäsene here, and is manufactured 1671. The bell is from Mo church and dates from 1533 but was re-cast in 1916. Clock ringing was performed with the rope of the watchman or other parish member who received the assignment. The bell rang in the bell for weekends, feasts, deaths and burials, but also something happened as at fires, country care or mobilization.In 1820 there was a bride and groom on this bride from Tarp parish, Ås hordes. The stone lay just outside the cemetery wall and was used after the bridal couple's exits from the church. Then the bride and groom would show up to the people while music was played and the horses were made ready for the return journey. The age of the stone is unknown.

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