Mölarps grinder

Fristad, Borås
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Mölarps mill located at Viskan in Fristad. There, rapids since the 1500s used to power mills and then also saw and homespun stamp. At Mölarp emerged in the late 1800s the first industrial area of ​​the Sanctuary.

Mölarp might be interpreted "miller's cottage". The current buildings date from the 1800s. The mill was in use until 1968. Since then it has been renovated and a new waterwheel manufactured so it re going to grind in the mill. The mill is also common rooms. The mill is owned and managed by Sanctuary Hembygdsförenings.

Viskan parts at Mölarp to form an island. The island part of a naturreservat.Där are more than 250 species, including the unusual silvertisteln and large stocks of backsippor. There are also gray wagtail and dippers.

In the area there are monuments to include a cist, burial ground with stone circles and standing stones. In the area east of the island has processed flint remains found.

Per yearorganized in May Mölarpsdagen then include a grinder is running. Café takes place the first Sunday of each month during the summer.