Mölarps Kvarn

Fristad, Borås
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Mölarp's mill is located at Viskan in Fristad. There, since the 16th century, the rapids have been used to operate mills and then saw and sawmill stamps. At the end of the 19th century, the first industrial area in Fristad was established at Mölarp.

Mölarp may be interpreted as "the mill of the mill". Current buildings are from the 19th century. The mill was in use until 1968. Then it has been renovated and a new water wheel has been manufactured so that it can be grinded again in the mill. The mill also has meeting rooms. The mill is owned and managed by Fristad Hembygdsförenings.

The whiskey divides at Mölarp to form an island. The island is part of a nature reserve. There are also harsher and tails here.

In the area there are ancient remains with, among other things, coffins, tombs with judge rings and erected stones. In the area east of the island, processed flint remains have been found.

Here's whereyou can find more information about Mölarps Nature Reserve: https://www.lansstyrelsen.se/vastra-gotaland/besoksmal/naturreservat/molarp.html

Every year in May the Mölarps Day is organized when, among other things, the mill is running. Coffee is served on the first Sunday of each month during the summer.

All program points canceled this summer 2020.

Contact information

111 11 Fristad
Contact: Ann-Britt Bohman
Phone: +46-33261921

E-mail: birgitta.fristad@telia.se

Opening hours

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For opening hours call 033-26 19 21