Odenslund´s 4H-gård in Borås


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What is a 4H-gården?

4H farm will offer active operations and, according to 4H's guidelines do not resemble a zoo.

One of 4H-farm's main goal is that everyone on the farm to take active part in all the tasks involved.

Children and adolescents may thus early learn to take responsibility and the individual's personality development promoted in accordance with our motto, "learning by doing".

On our farm lives most farm animals. Ranging from small guinea pigs and rabbits to pigs and horses.


Odenslund that farm was once called, the name was also on the 4H farm.

The yellow apartment building with a long history now serves as office and meeting room. The stables were built in 1955 and houses both horses and small animals. On top of the house is the loft, which is used for theory lessons, children's parties and conferences. The spacious garden invites you to play, picnic and grilling.

Around the courtyard are cozypaddocks where our utedjur lives, they are populated with various decorated house so that all species can thrive and feel good.

Planned activities (afternoon /evening)

We have riding groups for everything from beginners to more experienced riders ...  We also offer horseback riding for the disabled.  We arrange rabbit groups /courses.

Call to reserve a space.

Open activity (daytime)

Everyone is welcome to visit, pet and help to take care of the animals, play in the garden and maybe eat lunch in the loft. Each afternoon we have classes in animale care.

No registration is required.

Camp on Farm & camps

Every school holidays we organize different camps. Camp on the farm with all the animals and riding camps with horseback riding and horse knowledge.

Become a sponsor for your favorite animal

Now there is the opportunity to support the Association and become a sponsor for your particular favorite animal on the farm. The cost of the different animals you can readon our website.


Kids' on 4H

We can offer large and spacious room, experiences with our animals, pony rides and a tour where kids can learn more about our animals.

Saturday or Sunday at 11-13 or at 14-16.

Join the 4H

To participate in group bookings or planned activities, you must be a member of 4H. You may 4H's Journal clover leaf in the mail and regular info via email. Also included is an important insurance for accidents that apply when you are staying on the farm.

Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| 4H farm, located just opposite Hässlebergsvägen Square.