Boras Simarena

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Here we have the very latest when it comes to activities in Borås. Simarenan can offer plenty of space for exercise swimming, swim practice and other sims sports such as water polo and synchronized swimming!

Boras Simarena is an indoor swimming pool, right next to the outdoor bath on Alideberg.

Contact information

Borås stad - Fritids- och folkhälsoförvaltningen
Alidelundsgatan 12
506 31 Borås
Phone: +46-33357425


Opening hours

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2013 HOURS Boras Simarena (indoors) Monday - Friday 6:30 to 21:00 Saturday 8:00 to 2:00 p.m. Sunday 14:00 to 8:00 p.m. NOTE! Cashier closes 60 minutes earlier and the pool closes 30 minutes earlier Alideberg bath (lido) NOTE: Take your own padlock for the lockers.

Price information

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800: -

A bath

Discount card 10 times

Season ticket


80: -

570: -

1600: -


60: -




50: -



Youth 7-17 years

50: -

360: -

Children 1-6 years

40: -

260: -

485: -

Four months short Students *

565: -

* On presentation of CSN cards and ID

Four months short Pensioners **

565: -

** Upon presentation of identification

Four months shortGET***

565: -

*** On presentation of prescription and identification

Public transportation


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An exercise / training / competition pool 50m long 25m wide 2m deep at 84% of the basin, other part about 1,20m. A teaching pool: 6m wide 16,6m long 0.8m deep a fixed grandstands with seating for up to 250 visitors! Large windows facing the lido Alideberg bath. Wet steam in both locker rooms! Fresh and spacious common entrance to both Simarenan and Alideberg bath and cafeteria with sundeck! Plenty of space for the country training, warm up and stretching!


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About 2 km north of the center. Road 42 to Trollhättan. At the entrance to the zoo and Alideberg bath


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