Christmas table show at Åhaga

Åhaga, Borås
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Christmas table in combination with shows has become a tradition for Åhaga. Åhaga packs in the usual order the perfect whole evening where everything is gathered in one place. There will be lots of lovely Christmas food, dancing, bars and not least a fantastic show.

Ola Grönberg is also this year as producer of this year's show. Åhaga promises an evening to suit all tastes with some of Sweden's best performers. Together with lavish technology and music that everyone recognizes, you are invited to a magical all night at Åhaga.

For the critically acclaimed Christmas table, Åhaga's chef, Marco Quadroni, is as usual.

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Contact information

Lillåvägen 4
504 33 Borås
Phone: +46-33131510


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Price information

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730 kr (799 kr inkl.moms)

Friday Saturday
795 kr (868 kr incl. VAT)