Rafael - Renaissance Master 3D - Borås Bio Red Kvarn

Borås Bio Röda Kvarn, Borås
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Art at the cinema. Few artists had an equally intense life like Raphael Sanzi. Although he died only 37 years old he left a huge impression and considered one of the most influential renaissance artists in history. Through reconstructions accompanied by outstanding experts, his life is portrayed in this recorded portrait in spectacular 3D, bringing us to 20 different places to experience his work. Visas in conjunction with the No Limit Street Art Festival.

Language: English speaking, untitled

Ticket price: 150 kr

Tickets are sold online and via the Culture House reception. See www.boras.se/rodakvarn

Note The performance is recorded.

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|Translated by Google translation|
Borås Bio is located a stone's throw from Borås Central Station at Knalletorget along the River Viskan, opposite the restaurant Kitchen and directly adjacent to the Babbel restaurant.